Theology Tuesday: A Theology of Risk

 In From Your Lead Pastor...



When we first come to Christ, we are so excited about Kingdom work! Every sermon we drink in, every time the plate is passed and we’re able to give to His work, every song we sing, every time someone comes to Christ, those days were (hopefully are) an absolute joy. That is, until there’s turmoil and division in the church, or someone looks down on you because of how you are dressed, or someone comes up to you while you are sitting and just stands there because you are in their seat and they just can’t sit anywhere else.

Are you ready to take the risk? Because in the passage I read to you, while some good advice was offered by our friend Gamaliel, his leadership was lacking because he was afraid to put down his PIPE and take the risk.[1] And the question for you, as we expand its understanding is this:

  • If you are one who is exploring the Christian faith, are you willing to take the risk and investigate the Scriptures and the point of the Scriptures, Jesus—or will you just take a wait and see approach.
  • If you are in the faith, are you ready to take …read more

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