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In the New Testament, there are approximately 60 ‘one anothers.’ What does this mean? It means the Christian life is about relationships–connecting with Christ  each other.

We have found that members or attendees who develop 3-5 solid relationships/friendships are able to stay connected significantly better.  The best way this happens is via small groups (either Sunday Morning Bible Studies or other groups connected with the church where these gospel-centered relationships are fostered).

No matter which group you choose to connect with know that you will find new friends, share great stories, and experience what it really means to be part of God’s people.


Sunday Small Groups:


  • Nursery (First door in the Preschool area) – Taught by Various teachers
  • 3 – K (Last door in the Preschool area) – Taught by Various teachers (Directors: Kathy Willenbrecht and Cindy Perry)


  • Youth (Youth Room) – Taught by Dr. Matthew Perry


  • Adult 4 (Meets in Room B-8 downstairs) – Taught by Ric Myers (Lighthouse Class – 40’s)
  • Adult 4 Women (Meets in Room 110D off of the Fellowship Hall) – Taught by Denise Berry (Woman to Woman – All Ages)
  • Adult 5 (Meets in Room B-6 downstairs) – Taught by Bill Dunn and Wayne Peterson (Crossroads Class – 50’s & 60’s)


  • Adult 6 (Meets in the Chapel downstairs) – Taught by David Galloway (Closer Walk Class – 70’s and up)
  • Adult 7 Women (Meets in the Library upstairs – Taught by Gloria Hughes (Dorcas Class)

Weekday Small Groups:

  • Prayer Time (Meets in the Conference Room) – Led by Joy Raley (Mondays @ 9:30am)
  • Ladies Bible Study (Meets in the Chapel downstairs) – Taught by Dee Dunn (Tuesdays @ 9:30am)
  • Midweek Study (Meets in Fellowship Hall) – Taught by Dr. Matthew Perry (Wednesdays @ 6pm)
  • Griefshare (Meets in the Conference Room) – Taught by Winn Allison (Thursdays @ 6pm)
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