What’s Up Wednesday: The Established Church–Cheering for the Underdogs

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When it comes to sports, I seem to gravitate to teams that are not powerhouses. In basketball, I used to root for the Lakers during the Magic Johnson-Kareem Abdul-Jabbar days of the 1980s, but now I pull for the Denver Nuggets due to now living in Colorado. In baseball, the Cincinnati Reds and the Colorado Rockies (not the Yankees or Dodgers). In American football, the Cincinnati Bengals. In American soccer, I root for the Colorado Rapids; in British soccer, Everton. None of these make a lot of consistent noise season after season.

When it comes to churches, I gravitate toward non-powerhouse churches as well. We have some rather large and influential churches. As such, many are big fans of those churches. In fact, I’d say that many who are influential and even many church leaders gravitate to two types of churches: the big and the new. How can I say this? Because that’s what is celebrated on stage, in periodicals, on websites, and in missions offerings emphases.

Should we celebrate them? Absolutely! Many large churches are faithful to the Scriptures and faithful to the Great Commission. And the new? Praise God for more gospel presences. New churches often compel those who do …read more

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