Trinidad, Day Two: Leaders Conference and Being Carried by Your Prayers

 In From Your Lead Pastor...


I stayed up too late reading last night.

I take that back, I stayed up until midnight Trinidad time (but still 9:00 pm Denver time) finishing Michael Shaara’s book Killer Angels, the second in the Civil War Trilogy by both Jeff and Michael Shaara from where the movies Gettysburg and Gods and Generals were based. Why was I reading these on a missions trip? The same reason why, when I had my Junior Recital at Palm Beach Atlantic University which was a culmination of every piano piece I had learned and was a huge part of my all-around piece for graduating, that I didn’t touch a piano the previous two days. Sometimes, thinking too much about what’s next is… too much. So, reading a book about the Civil War of all things seemed to help take the edge off.

Why would I have an edge? Today, we would be with pastors, deacons, and leaders in the area churches to talk about the family life of a Christian leader. Pastors are under great pressure to have a model family life–solid marriage, kids who are under control and follow Jesus, etc., etc. Pastors feel that pressure, the pastor’s wives feel that pressure, and …read more

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