Trinidad, Day One: Being with Extended Family

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After a good night’s sleep and a nice breakfast, Ken, Dana, Roddie Taylor (the pastor of the church that heads up the missions work here), and I drove over to St. Mary’s to meet with the principal of the Fifth Company Primary School. The goal was to get a gameplan together to come into some of the classrooms and share about who we are (including who Jesus and the gospel are) along with some cultural exchange (in all likelihood, baseball).

As we were waiting for him, some children came up to us–why?–because they remembered Dana and myself from last September. While I understand that few Caucasians cross their paths and that helped distinguish us, they were so excited when they found out we would be at the school next week. Then we commenced in the universal language of the ‘high-five’ (about 25-30 of them in all) before we went in to talk with the Vice Principal.

Road problems and construction were at Olympian levels due to the heavy rains over the past few months. As a result, it took us extra long to make to St. Mary’s, making us opt for another way back. We were treated to some beautiful Trinidadian countryside …read more

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