Theology Tuesday: Is Your God Big Enough?

 In From Your Lead Pastor...


Oh, magnify the LORD with me,
And let us exalt his name together!
(Psalm 34:3, ESV).

“Magnifying Christ is to make him bigger in our eyes, to know him better, and to show him more brilliantly to others who need to see him.”

When I was a child, magnifying glasses fascinated me. With the naked eye, you could see an ant crawling across our deck and think, “Yes, that’s an ant.” But when you take the magnifying glass and put it up near that ant, you noticed that what you thought was a little bug without much to it suddenly turned into a magnificent creature with very detailed features. You see the antennae, the eyes, the head, the thorax, the abdomen, the legs—you become amazed at what this little bug is truly like. And I remember running and telling my mom to come look! I had to show her what I had seen.

Before anything of consequence may happen in a local church or in the life of the Christian for that matter must flow from a Christian’s magnification of Christ alone. Before a church can look inward, outward, or move forward, she must look upward. Notice how …read more

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