What’s Up Wednesday: Know the Difference Between These When Planning

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Plans. How many times have we made plans, whether it’s for the day or plans for our lives, sometimes they come together the way we want, and other times they do not. I just finished reading David Allen’s book Getting Things Done. He spent time talking about ways to be more productive, leaning on capturing your ideas and remembrances with Post-It Notes, calendaring, and lists. I usually take time every evening to plan out what I’m going to do for the next day.

But what do you do when you get that phone call that one of your parents is sick or has died? That your child got into trouble at school? That you’re overdrawn on your checking? That your boss wants to talk to you, and the conversation lasts for about 30 seconds because you’ve been informed you’ve been fired? Or that argument that happened that just wasn’t on your list of things to do? Or a misunderstanding that has made you lose a friend? We don’t plan for these things. We can plan all we want, but there’s just some things that we do not expect.

As we look at this passage depicting why we observe this day known …read more

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