What’s Up Wednesday: A Template for Reading Scripture in a Worship Service

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Every so often, I ask some of our laypeople to read Scripture, either during the first portion, or to read the sermon Scripture right before I enter the pulpit. Below is the template I send out to them.

Thank you so much for your willingness to read the sermon Scripture that will lead into the preaching of the Word. Seeing laymen reading Scripture communicates that the Bible is not just for the professionals but is God communicating to everyone His saving work and, more pointed, the Savior!


  1. Practice reading your assigned passage out loud in front of a mirror five times in the previous week.
  2. Read with genuine interest. This is the most compelling Book in all the world, so let’s not read in a monotone or disengaged fashion, but read it as God’s Word–with thankfulness and urgency.
  3. Isolate and practice reading the ‘tongue twisters.’ The practice will bring to light word order that you may find tough to read at first and help you navigate through those tough spots.
  4. Read with the appropriate emotion in relation to the text. For example, read through Matthew 25:31-46. The first half is about the ‘sheep’ and the reward of heaven, the …read more

    Source:: Gospelgripped


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