Throwback Thursday: A Closer Look at Southern Baptists

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[Throwback Thursday reproduces blogposts either from this blog or other blogs I’ve had over the years that may be helpful today. This was originally posted back in 2013 at my previous blog.]

The Southern Baptist Convention (a denomination of which I’m proudly a part) has updated their website. I encourage you to take a look around, especially at the page, “A Closer Look: What It Means to Be a Southern Baptist,” which goes into some detail about what we’re all about. One of the things I like best about the SBC is the Cooperative Program. They have a very cool graphic on that page, which is reproduced below:

It’s always good to cooperate, knowing that the funds given by the churches’ members, who are part of local, autonomous churches who give and cooperate at a level they see fit.

Take time not only to read up on this page, but to peruse around the sparkly new site.

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