Theology Tuesday: The Non-Negotiables of Genesis 1 and 2, Regardless of Your Position on the Age of the Earth

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If you want to get a conversation started, bring up Genesis 1 and 2 and make some sort of stance regarding whether the earth is young or old, whether God made the earth in six days or millions of years, etc. Some of the most productive and difficult conversations I’ve had over the years deal with how to look at Genesis 1 and 2.

For transparency’s sake: I’m a young earth creationist. Six-dayer, with literal 24-hour days. I’m a young earth creationist for one major reason: I believe based on my understanding of Scripture that death did not occur prior to Adam’s sin that cursed the earth (Genesis 3:1-20; Romans 5:12-21; 8:18-25). Plus, every time the word ‘yom’ (day) is connected with a number in the OT, it’s a 24-hour period. I have other reasons, but that’s for another time. I have very close friends that disagree and I love them and still call them brother and sister. In fact, my tribe gets smaller with each passing year.

Friends and foes debate these issues rigidly. Both sides’ view have ripple effects and consequences, both good and troublesome. Is this a first tier issue? No, I do not believe so. It’s important …read more

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