Theology Tuesday: Hell is For Real

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Harrowing of hell. Christ leads Adam by the hand, c.1504

News reports came out last Thursday (Maundy Thursday of all days) that Pope Francis denied the existence of hell. Hours later, the Vatican rebuked the journalist for not properly reflecting his comments. Hopefully, this was a misunderstanding of his comments, but even so, we do know of many who struggle with the concept. Many, but not all!

Jonathan Edwards was a colonial pastor and theologian who lived in the first half of the 1700s. In 1722-1723, at the ages of 19 and 20, he penned 70 resolutions which depict a man after God’s own heart, but also one who spent a great amount of time examining his own heart.

What struck me was his 10th resolution: “Resolved, when I feel pain, to think of the pains of martyrdom, and of hell.” Then came Resolution No. 55, written July 8, 1723:

“Resolved, to endeavor to my utmost to act as I can think I should do, if I had already seen the happiness of heaven, and hell’s torments.”

Do you find this strange? Do you find it strange that …read more

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