Theology Tuesday: Heading to Together for the Gospel 2018

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Today, three of us (Scott, Sam, and I) fly to Louisville, Kentucky, to a conference known as Together for the Gospel. This is a bittersweet conference! The sweet part of it all is going and being awash in the singing of great hymns (old and new) and being fed by great preaching. We pastors and leaders spend a lot of time feeding our people, but these conferences allow us some spiritual nourishment as well.

The ‘bitter’ part of this is that it serves as kind of a last hurrah. My associate pastor and friend, Scott Morter II, will leave our staff the first Sunday in June to make final preparations for him being sent to Ireland via WorldVenture and ARBC. You can read up on what they are doing and how you can help at their blog .

Click here to read up on what T4G is all about, and watch the video below to see what the particular theme is all about. Pray for us that God would strengthen our hearts and souls.

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