Prayer and fasting is about Jesus being enough!

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Prayer is connecting with the Triune God. Fasting is disconnecting from the world. Both come together to say, “I want the Holy Spirit to reclaim my life and my church.”

Prayer is a conversation with God, both in speaking to him in adoration, confession, thanksgiving, and supplication/requests. The Psalms provide some great templates in these areas, as well as laments and imprecatory prayers. The desire of all of these Psalms is to express what’s happening in their souls to praise Him for His good gifts, or to ask Him about areas that we do not understand and bring about fear.

This is where fasting can come in. Social media, substances, entertainment, and a number of other things can distract us from dealing with the issues in our heart. Fasting keeps us from self-medicating and, instead, running to the Great Physician as He reclaims the Holy Spirit in our lives. This is personally.

We also pray and fast as a corporate body, as a church. Why? Churches can drift easily into clubs that reflect personal preferences rather than seeking the preferences of the Person of Christ. Thom Rainer recently asked:

Does your church have sacred cows? You know those things in your church …read more

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