Music Monday: Beautiful Eulogy

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You may be surprised that I would listen to hip-hop, but Beautiful Eulogy weaves a tapestry of theological solidity with an amazing grasp of the English language. This is one of their offerings, but my go-to work they have is called “Worthy.” Listen hard to the song “If” … it’s below:

Here are the lyrics:

“If…” (2017)

[Odd Thomas:] If in one unfortunate moment
You took everything that I own
Everything you’ve given from heaven above
And everything that I’ve ever known
If you stripped away my ministry
My influence, my reputation
My health, my happiness
My friends, my pride, and my expectation
If you caused for me to suffer
Or to suffer for the cause of the cross
If the cost of my allegiance is prison
And all my freedoms are lost
If you take the breath from my lungs
And make an end of my life
If you take the most precious part of me
And take my kids and my wife
It would crush me, it would break me
It would suffocate and cause heartache
I would taste the bitter dark providence
But you would still preserve my faith
What’s concealed in the heart of having
Is revealed in the losing of things
And I can’t even begin to imagine
The …read more

Source:: Gospelgripped


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