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This Month’s Sermon Study Guide

Sermon Study Guides

How to Approach these Studies
1. Pray before you partake. As you engage the Word, entreat the Spirit to open your heart and mind to understand His Word (see 1 Corinthians 2:6-16). As you engage the Word of the Lord, engage the Lord of the Word.
2. Read the readings. At the beginning of each day, you are given readings. Read the readings. Engage with the Word. The readings are not extensive and that is by design. While there is value in reading through Bible reading plans, value also exists in studying specific passages to glean all the possible information to bring about application and transformation.
3. Buy a notebook (whether a cheap Composition Notebook or a more expensive Moleskin notebook—or all types in-between) to journal your answers. I would even recommend sketching out the questions as well so you can refer to these interactions should you happen to lose the paper.
4. Go through this with others. The aim of this study is aiding our discipleship to fulfill our mission to be, make, multiply, and send hopeful, joyful disciples who make much of Jesus. With our 3+3+3+1 strategy  we hope to provide tools and resources to expedite this discipleship process in fulfillment of the Great Commission. We need each other to progress in our walk with Christ and His church.

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